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Esty Breaching – Chuck-E-Tool

While searching for a new Halligan bar, I came across this cool little tool from Esty Breaching, a belt mounted high strength pry bar. How cool is that? So where am I supposed to fit this on an already crowded duty belt is what you’re probably thinking. Well this little guy is actually designed to slide behind belt keepers, pouches and other belt accessories. Check it out!

That way you always have it close at hand even if you have to bail out of the car. It’s made of 4130 heat treated steel and designed with a contour to fit your body. It’s also designed to overcome screen doors, gates and some locks.

Look at the curve designed to hug the body/belt

I’ve been rocking this little piece of kit for a few months now, and I have to say I’m impressed! It’s quality made right here in the USA and is available on their website and Amazon for $25 and $30 respectively. I highly recommend that you check them out and give it a try!

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