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Wound Cube Wound Simulator from Phokus Research

So you’ve got the gear, but do you have the training? And better yet, do you practice? Most of the time the answer is no. I know so many people that have a tourniquet or an IFAK and have never trained on their use! Do I expect everyone to be a former Army Medic like me? No, of course not, but there are so many good educational resources out there online. If you don’t use those resources and learning materials, you’re doing yourself a great disservice.

One of those learning materials is the Wound Cube Gen 2 from Phokus Research. This cool silicone cube features 5 different wounds to practice wound packing and other interventions on, neat huh?

Phokus Research - Wound Cube

Wound packing is a critical perishable skill that needs to be practiced. Training without the appropriate tools can be difficult, though not impossible. After placing an effective tourniquet, the next step in Tactical Field Care is to convert the tourniquet to a pressure bandage if possible. In order to do that you have to pack the wound with either a hemostatic gauze or regular gauze and then apply a trauma bandage to the exterior. This cool little aid helps you master that packing skill on several different type of injuries and can be used over and over again!

Check out some of these pictures!

Phokus Research – Wound Cube
God I nerd out on shit like this

Add a little fake blood and you’re good to go! I love using this with my officers and private students alike and think its an invaluable training aid.

Here’s what it says on their website:


Our Re-Designed Wound Cube™ Genwound simulator has five large usable wound patterns designed into a transparent soft silicone cube.

The Wound Cube™ Genwas designed to increase muscle memory for students learning the basics of bleeding control. Our design allows for more effective training in any classroom setting.

Over the last two years we have collected feedback from hundreds of trainers and students.  Our GenCube has been completely redesigned with all those comments in mind.

  • Wet or Dry training device – master the basics
  • Semi-transparent
  • 3x Gunshot Wounds – Flat, Large, and XL
  • 2x Large Lacerations
  • Realistic Tissue Loss
  • Realistic Tissue Density
  • Compact Design (No wasted space)
  • Durably built
  • Affordable
  • Blood simulant can be used with this product for added realism

So if you are interested in some training aids or MilSpec IFAKS, be sure to check out Phokus Research and use code “COPTALK10” for 10% off your entire order!

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