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License to Carry Course in Teague, Texas.

Interested in taking a Texas license to carry course or permitless carry course in Teague? JTF Consulting now offers several options for those that don’t want to travel to Waco or even further at times. We offer an online class that allows you to do the classroom portion from anywhere and do your qualification when you have time or with another instructor. Our blended option includes the range qualification with the online class. We also offer a full in person class when time permits and ranges are available.


The state of Texas has made it easy to get your Texas LTC. You can now take the class online at your own pace from the comfort of your home. No crowded classrooms!

Our online course works on all devices including your smartphone! It’s also so easy that we have a pass guarantee! We make getting your Texas license to carry easy.

Unlike the others, once you complete our online license to carry class you can download your state certificate of training (LTC101) immediately. Our course is fully automated.

Why Choose Us Over The Others?

We have taken most of the other courses and below is a list of why ours is better than a lot of the others. DPS also told us that OUR course was a pleasure to take compared to others they reviewed.

  • Others simply put up a copy of the Texas penal code text and make you read it! We verbally TEACH, BREAKDOWN and EXPLAIN everything to you.
  • With our course you can immediately download your certificate of training (LTC101) as soon as you finish our course. Others make you wait several days.
  • Our course is TRULY mobile ready, others say they are but their system is HARD to use on mobile devices like your smartphone.
  • We answer student emails within minutes, others take days to respond. We provide the best customer service 7 days a week.
  • We have a pass guarantee. Our course is so easy that we have a pass guarantee.

Online Texas License To Carry Class in Teague, Texas.

Ready to get started? Click on the link below and get certified today! We make it easy.

Or see more courses we offer HERE.

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