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What roll pins does the AR-15 use?

The AR-15 uses a variety of screws, roll pins, springs and detents to keep all the right parts in all the right places.

In this article I’ll be listing out the types and sizes of roll pins used in the platform, and the approximate prices for each.

Common roll pins needed for the AR15

Let’s stick to the basics here. The roll pins most commonly needed and used by the end user are the:

The Ejector is less commonly needed by the average user, but as an armorer or serious shooter it’s always good to keep a few spares for your Ejector.

Types of roll pins

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to roll pins for your rifle or Carbine. Sonlets break down the types and why. Here we are going to cover the 3 most common:

  • Split Pins
  • Wave Tension Pins
  • Coiled Roll Pins

Split Tension Roll Pins

Split Tension Pins

Split Pins are the most common ones you will see in most lower parts kits and basic builds. They are cheap and effective and do a good enough job. The downside to split Pins is that they can split on you during installation, possibly even causing damage to your other parts or receivers. One issue caused by cheaper or improperly installed split Pins is the formation of a flat face where the split is. This can cause the pivot movement of the installed part to not be as smooth as it could be.

  • Cost: .25 cents to $1.99 each

Wave Tension Roll Pins

Wave Tension pin

Wave tensions pins are not as common as split or coiled pins. They are generally used in applications where the pins may shift during use or installation. Spring Wave Pins have interlocking teeth which restricts the chance of movement when exposed to vibration. The slot along the length of one side compresses closed when inserted.

  • Cost: .50 cents to $3 each

Coiled Roll Pins

Coiled Roll Pin

Coiled Roll Pins are some of the best to use in firearms applications. They are easy to install, resistant to vibration, and form a consistently round surface for parts to pivot, such as the Bolt catch. They can require a little bit more effort to install, but not much, which make these my go to option for our lower parts kits and roll pins.

Common coiled roll pins are made from spring steel or stainless. For most applications your standard spring steel pins work great. For those extreme applications where salt water or humidity are a concern, 18-8 or 420 stainless pins are the way to go.

All of the roll pins used in an AR-15

Commonly used roll pins.

As you can see from the list above, the AR uses quite a few different roll pins for several parts. Many of these assemblies are something that the average armorer or shooter will never mess with. For instance, when is the last time you ever had to change out a roll pin on a milspec charging handle latch?

Where to get the best roll pins?

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