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One Of The Best In Ar-15 Triggers: Schmid Tool & Engineering

Schmid Tool & Engineering triggers

Ok so maybe not a total secret, but it’s not commonly known just how common these triggers are! Chances are high that if you have EVER pulled the trigger on a factory or mil-spec AR/M4/M16 that the fire control group (FCG) was made partly, or in whole by Schmid Tool & Engineering. They produce thousands upon thousands of triggers and small parts for the platform to supply government contracts and commercial contracts, all from their Villa Park, IL location.

About Schmid Tool & Engineering

They have been around for a long time, since 1943 in fact, and are still a family owned business. From their website:

From Schmid Tool & Engineering Corp.

“Schmid Tool and Engineering is a third generation, small, woman owned, family business. We have been in business since 1943 in the Chicago area. Having started as a tool and die shop, we have developed over time into a full service CNC contract machine shop. Our specialties have been in machining small castings. We handle many government contracts as the primary and secondary supplier. Our philosophy is to manufacture parts for our customers with the highest degree of quality, with the best service to meet the customers needs. We are ISO (9001:2008) compliant. Our measuring capabilities are traceable to the NIST, with real time SPC visibility on the manufacturing floor.”

You can guarantee that a company with that much history, consistency and constant contracts has a high pedigree in the gun world.

So why aren’t they a (gun) household name like Geissele, Colt or LaRue?

Hidden In Plain Sight

Like I mentioned at the beginning, you’ve probably handled one without realizing it. If you look at the triggers and parts themselves, you can easily identify Schmid parts. Each one of their forged parts feature a distinctive “S” on them to identify the maker, Schmid.

Schmid Tool Nickel Teflon Single stage trigger
Notice the “S” marked in red

Another reason Schmid isn’t as widely known to consumers is the fact that they themselves don’t sell directly to consumers. Most of their triggers are either rebranded, repackaged or built into other brands since they only appear to sell to manufacturers, distributors and other businesses directly (Like us!). Some notable examples include:

  • Sons of Liberty Gun Works
  • Aero Precision
  • Bravo Company Machine
  • ALG
  • Many More!

What Triggers Does Schmid Tool Make?

Several in fact! Their most common by far is their mil-spec or one built to military specifications. This semi automatic trigger or fire control group is a simple, single stage trigger that is battle tested and proven and one of the most reliable and cost effective options out there. They usually run from $30-$40 in price including the springs and pins! Using the included springs, you get a 5 to 7 pound trigger pull usually that breaks in with use and dry fire and will last you thousands of round or trigger pulls.

Schmid Tool Mil-Spec Trigger $29.99

Their “upgraded” single stage trigger is probably one of my most favorite go-to triggers ever. The Nickel Teflon finished mil-spec style single stage.

Schmid Tool nickel Teflon Trigger
Schmid Toll NicoTef Single Stage Trigger

These break in so well and become so smooth with use, a massive upgrade to an already decent trigger. Featuring honed and polished engagement surfaces, a slick and durable Nickel Teflon finish and finely tuned spring rate for the trigger and hammer springs, you get a smooth trigger pull with very little take-up and a crisp clean break at 5 – 5.5 pounds. Not to mention the Nickel Teflon finish is also highly corrosion resistant, making it a great option for truck guns, rough use guns, or ARs that might be stored for long periods of time.. like buried or something (wink wink). You combine this trigger with either reduced power springs, or even better, JP Enterprises Enhanced Reliability spring kit, and you have a hell of a good trigger. Trigger weights are usually between 3.5 to 5 pounds and usually cost between $40 and $65 depending on where you get them.

Schmid also makes 2 stage triggers, similar in function to the Geissele SSA and LaRue MBT. These usually have great pull weights and crisp breaks making them a solid choice on competition or hunting builds.

Schmid Too 2 Stage Phosphate Trigger

For shooters seeking a combination of value, reliability and precision, the Schmid Tool & Engineering 2-Stage Trigger Group checks all the boxes. This trigger assembly takes advantage of a two stage fire control design that has been trusted in both competition and combat roles for decades. The first stage pull weight is adjustable based on the trigger spring being used. The factory spring will give you a 1.5lbs first stage pull and the crisp second stage breaks at 2.5lbs for a total pull weight of 4-5lbs (actual total pull weight may vary ± .5lb). The 5lb total weight gives the operator a greater level of safety and control in high stress environments but with a second stage pull weight of only 2.5lbs, the shooter can also squeeze off long range precision shots with ease. These triggers usually run about $60 to $80 and are a great price compared to similar other designs!

The next two stage offering from Schmid is the same as other, just with a Nickel Boron finish instead of the phosphate finish.

Schmid Tool Nickel Boron 2 stage trigger
Schmid Tool Nickel Boron 2 Stage Trigger

What makes the Nickel Boron, or NiBor finish any different? Well for one it adds corrosion resistance, but most importantly it makes the sear contact surfaces slicker and harder. This usually results in a smoother, lighter pull for the trigger, even using the same springs. In comparison with the phosphate model, the NiBor trigger has a total pull weight of 4.5 pounds instead of 5. This can be brought down even further with different spring sets. The price on these triggers usually hovers around $60 to $90 depending on the source, making them an affordable, quality option for your AR-15 or PCC.

More Than Just Triggers

On top of making insane amounts of triggers, Schmid Tool and Engineering also makes a whole host of parts for the AR platform including:

  • Milspec and Ambidextrous Safety Selectors
  • Detents and pins
  • Magazine Catches
  • Mag Release Buttons
  • Various Springs
  • And Much More

In Conclusion

I hope I was able to introduce you to, or at least inform you more about this awesome American company. Having first hand experience with both their triggers and parts using them to build, upgrade and maintain a ton of ARs over the years, I can honestly say they are quality parts. My favorite part is their track record and pedigree, combined with their relatively low prices, make Schmid a solid choice for any build. If you have any questions or anything, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll do what I can to help! Thanks for reading.

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