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The New Taser X1 – Cheaper and Better?

Taser X1

As of 2021 The iconic TASER X26P has been discontinued by Axon and replaced is being by the TASER X1.  The units are basically the same except the X1 comes in at a lower price point and is available to everyone, including civilians. So what’s different and possibly even better about it? A police officer gives his perspective.

The Taser X26P

To get an idea about the new X1, lets talk about it’s predecessor, the X26P briefly. In our other article comparing the X26 and the X26P we talked about how prolific the X26 and X26P really are. At the time of the article, over 15,000 different agencies employed either model and it’s use has also been featured in TV, movies and video games. So if it is so successful and widespread, why put out a replacement? In short, money.

Tasers are expensive tools, the X26P is around $1200 and the Taser X2 at $1300 all the way up to the Taser 7 CQ coming in at $1600. If you are a law enforcement agency or security company, you can go ahead and tack on training and certification fees as well as maintenance fees as well. Of course just like your phone or any electronic device, they need to be replaced from time to time.

Cue The Taser X1

Taser X26P vs the X1
The X26P compared to The New Taser X1

Just looking at the X26P and X1 side by side, they look nearly identical no just what exactly is new and improved? That’s one of the beautiful things about it, it has really changed much at all. In fact:

  • The X1 uses the same cartridges
  • The X1 uses the same battery packs and add-ons
  • And the X1 shares the same holster compatibility
  • Like the X26 and X26P features a laser aiming system

But unlike the X26P, it does not feature a light in addition to the laser, which I often found underpowered and all but useless anyway. It also does not come with a holster in the kit, which is great for an agency that already issues X26P holsters and is another cost savings. Another plus for agencies is there is no learning curve or substantial re-training needed for officers, another cost and time savings. The other changes are cosmetic, it appears that at the time of the article, the X1 is only available in the grey color you see in the pictures. Personally I like it better than the yellow.

So what do you get then? The Taser X1 comes with a non-rechargeable battery, 2 cartridges and a practice target in a hard case. All of that for often less than $1000, a full $200 less than the X26P. It’s unclear if any of the internals have changed other than the removal of the LED light, presumably not much since it uses the same batteries and cartridges.

From Axon’s Site

Final Thoughts

To me it’s clear that the X1 from Axon is geared more towards the civilian self defense and private security market while they push the X2 and Taser 7 towards law enforcement agencies. that being said, I think the X1 is a viable option for an agency that is needing to replace the X26P but doesn’t want to or can’t spend the extra money on training, holsters and new cartridges. For those looking to have something at home but can’t or do not want to own a firearm for self defense, its also an option. I say at home because the X26P and X1 are in no way very concealable and would be better suited for protecting the homestead or in a vehicle. If you are wanting on to conceal carry, I’d recommend taking a look at the Taser Pulse.

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