About Us

JTF Consulting was officially established in 2020, but the members of our team have been helping others for their entire careers. So they decided to form a company around that same principle. Helping people. JTF aids in educating, training and equipping people for life’s changes and helping people become responsible gun owners and first responders.

Our Team

Owner/Founder: Jake F.

Jake has been shooting and building things since the age of 12, but he started out his adult path as a 68W healthcare specialist in the US Army and US Army Reserves in 2009 until his honorable discharge in 2017. During his time in the reserves he attended Navarro Police Academy and was certified as a Texas State Peace Officer and now currently holds an Advanced Peace Officer License. Jake’s passion to learn about all things firearm and enjoyment of teaching directed him to pursue a business where he can implement both of those.

Daren H.

Daren and Jake have been friends for over 10 years and shooting buddies for just about as long. Daren comes from an IT background and helps manage the website and all technical aspects of the business. Daren is an extremely talented individual with some of the strongest attention to detail and work ethic I have ever seen. A man you can truly count on.

Lyna D.

Lyna is the wife of the owner but is also the secretary, financial department, and overall assistant to the whole operation. An insurance agent by day, and by night a valued JTF employee. With her is Sgt. Stripes, one of the office cats and overall morale officer. She is probably the most important thing in the office.. next to the guns. Sorry babes.