AeroShell 33ms Armorers Grease 1oz


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Your AR-15 uses screw threads to attach the Barrel Nut and Buffer Tube Castle Nut. While tightening, the thread surfaces slide against each other at high pressure. Even though the metal might look smooth to your eye, at a microscopic level there is a roughness. As these surfaces rub together, the metal can rip and tear (galling). The threads get gouged or possibly even stick together permanently (cold welding) making the threads impossible to separate without damaging one or both parts.

Aeroshell 64 is an extreme pressure (EP) grease which is specially formulated to prevent galling. With this grease in place, you will be able to easily assemble and disassemble your rifle with no thread binding, even after thousands of rounds and many weekends of abuse.

Under the extreme pressure of tightening the Barrel Nut or Castle Nut, ordinary liquid oils or greases get squeezed out and the parts touch each other, defeating the oil. And under the high temperature of firing your gun, greases can ‘run’ or evaporate.

How does it work?

Aeroshell 64 is a special blend of grease and molybdenum disulfide. The moly is a fine powder that bonds to the surface of the metal, so the moly rubs against itself rather than your gun’s threads rubbing directly. And although the ordinary grease component may evaporate with the high heat of shooting your gun, the moly will stay behind.

AeroShell Grease 64 is an extreme pressure (EP) grease is based on lithium complex technology of AeroShell Grease 33, + 5% Molybdenum Disulphide.

AeroShell Grease 64 is the modern replacement for AeroShell 17 and AeroShell 33ms which were the original mil-spec barrel nut greases. More info can be found here.

-Prevents the Upper Receiver from welding itself to the Barrel Nut under the extreme heat and pressure of use
-Stays put under high temperatures
-Same grease used in airplane landing gear pivot pins
-Synthetic hydrocarbon/ester base oil
-Modern replacement for AeroShell Grease 17 and 33ms
-Fully approved to MIL-G-21164D
-Ideal for threaded areas in your lower and upper receivers
-Designed to prevent long term damages when threading dissimilar materials together
– 1 oz cans, enough for multiple builds


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