Basic AR15/M4/M16 Semi Auto Lower Build Kit – Minus Stock



A basic lower build kit for the AR15 with everything you need to complete a stripped lower, minus the stock of your choice! All parts are made in the USA  by us or other awesome American companies!


  • Fire Control Group (Basic Trigger, Hammer, Disconnector)
  • Magazine release Button
  • Mil-Spec spring kit
    • Hammer Spring
    • Trigger Spring
    • Disconnector Spring
    • Pivot Pin Spring
    • Takedown Pin Spring
    • Buffer Retainer Spring
    • Selector Spring
    • Bolt Catch Spring
    • Magazine Catch Spring
  • Mil-Spec Selector
  • Mil-Spec Bolt Catch
  • Mil-Spec Mag Catch Latch
  • Mil-Spec Small Parts Kit
    • Takedown Pin
    • Takedown Pin Detent
    • Pivot Pin
    • Pivot Pin Detent
    • Trigger Pin
    • Hammer Pin
    • Selector Pin
    • Bolt Catch Roll Pin
    • Bolt Catch Plunger
    • Buffer Retainer
  • Mil-Spec Grip Kit
    • A2 Grip
    • Hex-head screw
    • Lock washer
  • Mil-Spec Metal Trigger Guard Kit
    • Trigger Guard
    • Trigger Guard Roll Pin

BKF Mil-Spec AR15 or LR308 (DPMS) Anti-Rotation Carbine Length Buffer Tube:


  • T6 6061 Mil-Spec buffer tube (6 Position) – U-cut Anti-Rotation
  • 3 oz carbine buffer
  • Carbine buffer spring
  • Steel end plate
  • Steel castle nut


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