BCG Emergency Repair Kit


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Suppressed short barreled rifles have every advantage over their longer predecessors, but the increased temperatures and pressures result in greatly accelerated parts wear. Preventative maintenance helps, but it doesn’t completely eliminate the inevitable breakage in the field. Bolts, lugs, cam pins, extractor, ejectors, springs…eight different points of failure that can shut your rifle down without warning. These are possible in any modern AR weapon platform.

Whether you’re a solider outside the wire or a competitive shooter in the finals, a broken gun simply isn’t an option. Especially when all the most vulnerable parts of your rifle can be carried in this lightweight, pocket sized repair kit. Our kit is a complete system put together to give you peace of mind, in a simple and easy to keep around package.

Each kit comes with:

-NODPOD ARFAK-15 V2 – Made using 3D printed carbon fiber based polymer for strength and lightweight construction
-9310 MPI 5.56 Fully Assembled bolt
-Hard Chrome Firing Pin
-Cotter Pin
-Nitride Bolt Cam Pin

All 100% made in the US of A


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