Build Your Own A5 Buffer System


Select components from BCM, VLTOR, Forward Controls and more to finish you build, or build the right set-up for you.


Introducing the “Build Your Own A5 Buffer System” – Customize Your AR15 A5 Buffer System with Ease!

Are you ready to optimize your AR15’s performance and fine-tune its recoil management? Look no further than our awesome “Build Your Own A5 Buffer Kit”! Designed to give firearm enthusiasts like you the power to create a bespoke A5 buffer system, this kit allows you to select and bundle the perfect combination of parts from leading brands such as JTF Consulting, VLTOR, BCM, SOLGW, and Forward Controls Design, among others.

Unlock the potential of your AR15 platform with our user-friendly online platform. It enables you to handpick each component required for a complete A5 buffer system, ensuring that it precisely matches your shooting preferences, firearm specifications, and shooting scenarios.

Start by selecting a buffer tube that meets your desired length, material, and brand preference. Whether you prefer a simple tube or a premium option, our range of choices caters to your needs. The buffer tube provides stability and houses other crucial components of the A5 buffer system.

Next, choose the perfect A5 buffer and spring combination for optimal recoil control and cycling. With various weights available, you can fine-tune your AR15’s performance, achieving the perfect balance between muzzle rise reduction and smooth operation. Rest assured, with options from Sprinco, VLTOR and more, our selection includes top-quality buffers and springs from renowned brands trusted by firearm enthusiasts worldwide.

To complete your A5 buffer system, explore our range of compatible stocks. Whether you desire a fixed, collapsible, or adjustable stock, we have options that deliver comfort, stability, and reliability. Choose from renowned brands that are known for their durability, ergonomic design, and enhanced shooting experience.

Crafting your own A5 buffer system not only empowers you to personalize your AR15 but also ensures that it performs at its peak, whether you’re engaged in precision shooting, competitive shooting, or tactical/defensive operations.

Our Build Your Own A5 Buffer Kit brings together the expertise of leading brands and first hand knowledge, offering you an unparalleled selection of parts to create a truly custom buffer system. Each component has been carefully chosen to guarantee seamless compatibility and exceptional performance, providing you with a buffer system that surpasses your expectations.

Experience the ultimate control over your AR15’s recoil management and shoot with confidence. Build your own A5 buffer system today and unleash the true potential of your AR15 platform.

Like the title says, build your own A5 buffer kit. Choose the parts you need and leave out what you don’t need!


Kits are assembled to order and may take 7 to 10 days to ship from the date of your order.

Please ensure these parts are compatible with your build. A5 systems are not designed to work with large pattern ARs such as 308 or Aero Precision M5s.

Nick Wantland: Years ago, the Marine Corps was looking at ways to deal with the ergonomic and length-of-pull issues they were having with the fixed stocks on their M16A4s. The fixed stock was designed long ago before the introduction of thick, modern body armor. Depending on the Marine’s body type, and what style optic they were using, the lack of adjustability in the stock length was causing tons of ergonomic, mobility, and eye relief issues.

To compensate for this, a lot of guys were having to hike the fixed stock way up on their shoulder. Basically until only the toe of the buttpad was resting high on the shoulder… “out of pocket”, as they say. This shooting stance causes lots of issues with accuracy, and with the mechanical functionality of the gun.

“Retain the reliability and beneficial characteristics of the full length rifle buffer system”

The Marines were looking for a way to retain the reliability and beneficial characteristics of the full length rifle buffer system on their 20” guns, but they wanted to be able to use an adjustable stock. Simply popping a standard carbine stock and buffer setup on there does not work. It leads to bolt bounce, erratic cycle timing, and lots of other issues.


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