Complete Lower Parts Kit Minus Grip/Trigger Guard- Combat Carbine



The Combat Carbine Complete lower parts kit is all the performance you need without looking flashy or costing a whole lot more but has more features you won’t find anywhere else.

This kit is meant for the duty gun, truck gun or home defense gun that you bet your life on daily. It is highly corrosion resistant due to the use of nickel teflon/NP3 parts and a nitrided finish on most of the other parts. No more rusted, stuck takedown or pivot pins from letting your carbine ride in the trunk of your patrol car, not that I’d know or anything.

Lets start with the trigger:

The Trigger is Schmid Tool Nickel Teflon single stage Mil-Spec style trigger group. It features honed and polished engagement surfaces plus a slick and durable Nickel Teflon finish so you get a smooth trigger pull with very little take-up and a crisp clean break. To make that even better, we use JP Enterprises Enhanced Reliability Trigger Spring Kit to bring the trigger pull weight down to between 3.5 and 4.5 pounds WHILE adding an extra power hammer spring to help ensure ignition on hard or poor quality primers, in other words this hammer fucking slaps. Finally the trigger is held in place by mil-spec trigger and hammer pins that have been nitrided. Trigger kit also comes with 1mL tube of synthetic grease with Teflon particles, because well, Teflon lube on 2 Teflon surfaces just made sense to us.

The rest of the LPK is our standard parts kit, with a few exceptions. In key areas we used Nickel Teflon parts, like the takedown detents, bolt catch plunger and safety selector detent. Making take down easier, flippin’ that switch smoother, and releasing that bolt just that much better.
-Takedown Pin – Nitride
-Pivot Pin – Nitride
-Combat Carbine Selector – short/long levers, selectable 45/90 degree throw
-Mag Catch Latch – Nitrided Steel
-Combat Carbine Bolt catch – Nitrided Steel, slightly enlarged control surface with improved texture
-Pivot Pin Spring
-Takedown Pin Spring
-Buffer Retainer Spring
-Selector Spring
-Bolt Catch Spring
-Magazine Catch Spring
-Nickel Teflon Takedown Pin Detent
-Nickel Teflon Pivot Pin Detent
-Nickel Teflon Safety Selector Detent
-Coiled Bolt Catch Roll Pin
-Nickel Teflon Bolt Catch Plunger
-Buffer Retainer
-Combat Carbine Mag Catch button – Anodized aluminum and is fully threaded to be milspec in height, or extended. Enhanced texture on control surface.

Current lead times on back orders is 2 to 3 weeks.

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Weight .5 lbs


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