Custom Engraved Single Pistol Case


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The JTF 11.65-inch protective gear hard case is designed to secure your equipment for transport or storage. Injection molded from reinforced high-pressure polypropylene plastic that is waterproof and crushproof. Adaptive pressure equalization valve to release built up air pressure allowing for atmospheric compensation when transported at high / low altitudes and within cargo vacuums. This hard case comes with 3 layers of foam designed to keep your equipment firmly in place: 1 fully customizable pull and pluck cubed foam layer, 1 solid layer and 1 layer of egg-crate foam padding for the lid.

A crushproof folding carry handle makes this case easy to transport or store inside a backpack or small bags. Meet TSA’s strict requirements for transport on airplanes in the USA (when using padlocks). A waterproof seal is formed when the case is latched closed applying pressure to a rubber gasket that is molded to the perimeter of the case. Fully submerged waterproof protection up to 1 meter. Resistant to extreme heat and freezing cold with a working temperature range of -20° F (-29 ° C) to 140° F (60 ° C).

Two press and pull snap latches secure the full length of the hard case. Fits compact cameras, mobile devices, gear and lenses securely with an inner storage area of 10.54″ x 6.04″ x 3.16″ inches. Two pad lock adaptable fittings allow for secure storage at home or on the go. Featuring edge to edge crushproof protection up to 3,000 LBS of directly dispersed weight. Uniform ridges on the top and bottom create an in line stackable design for multi case transport.

Outer: 10.62″ x 9.68″ x 4.87″ Inside: 9.25″ x 7.12″ x 4.12″
IP67 Water Proof, Dust Proof And Shock Proof.

Pressure equalization valve. Includes 3 foam layers: 1 layer of pluck and pull foam, 1 solid layer pad and 1 egg-crate top pad.

Meets TSA Requirements with Lockable Fittings.

Fits Standard compact Cameras, Lenses & Accessories – Includes a Limited Lifetime warranty.

No Realistic Photos
The engraving process requires images to be solid colors for printing onto the plate.

No Low Resolution Logos
No photos with low-resolution will be accepted. Low-resolution images will delay the engraving process.

High Resolution Logos
We only accept high-resolution images in solid colors for better results. Once design is approved, engraving will ordinarily take 1 – 2 days.

Contact us below to begin the process and get your design to us. These cases ship separately from other orders as they are handled by way of bulk shipping.


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