Forward Controls Design Low Drag Forward Assist – Circular Serrated





Ambidextrous charging handles for the AR platform have exploded in popularity and with good reason. Regardless of your dominant hand, being able to handily manipulate your rifle’s action in any position is an incredibly useful feature. They aren’t without their downsides however. Extended latches can catch on gear and dig into your chest when your rifle is slung. Small latches are harder to use with optics, and when using the right side of the handle makes mashing your knuckles into your forward assist almost a guarantee. Enter the Low Drag Forward Assist from Forward Controls Design.


  • Rimless design
  • Low profile, small diameter
  • Maintains full function
  • Billet 4130 steel bar stock
  • Slick salt bath nitride finish
  • Serrated button

Never bust your knuckles open or worry about ripping off a fingernail again with the LDFA. Unlike other aftermarket designs, the LDFA reduces the diameter of the button and eliminates the external rim. The reduced size and rimless design provides nothing to catch, allowing for smooth operation of the charging handle with either hand. For long term durability, the LDFA is precision CNC machined from billet 4130 bar stock and finished with a tough salt bath nitride finish.

Forward Controls Design firmly believes in the elegance of simplicity. Not content to produce purely aesthetic components, they put function before form to create parts and accessories that actually improve the handling and function of your firearms. When you need parts that just work without complication, you need Forward Controls Design.


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