Glock 9/40 +1 Aluminum Extension


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So you’re probably wondering, “Jake, why would I want a plus 1 mag extension?” Well reason 1, I wanted something a little more grippy than a standard Glock mag floorplate and made of metal. This adds almost no extra length to the mag but gives you some serious serrations and texture to grab on to, on top of some extra weight to help those empty mags drop free. So basically I got what I wanted, plus 1 extra round without adding bulk! So there you go, reason # 2 is because I fucking can in America, so I did.

Plus 1 Magazine Extension For Glock 19,17,22,23,26,27,31,32,33,34.These are machined from 6061 to allow you to carry 1 extra round in the magazine. These use the stock spring and require no modifications. They are cerakote graphite black to come as close to the original finish Glock has. Hassle free and easy to install. Will not fit Pmags. Made in USA from hard working Americans like yourselves.


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