H-Vent Penetrating Trauma Injury Kit


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The H&H sterile H*VENT Penetrating Injury Kit provides proven emergency care for general, sucking, and exit chest wounds. The H*VENT Penetrating Injury Kit combines our chest seal with our most popular occlusive chest dressing into a single, easy to open 5 mil pouch for fast access and application. The H*VENT Penetrating Injury Kit contains:

One (1) H&H H*VENT Laminar Vented Chest Seal, the award-winning 6″ vented chest dressing with six vent channels for air and fluid drain from a sucking chest wound. Combines this new vent design with our proven thick super-adhesive layer and heavy-duty application disk.
One (1) H&H Wound Seal Kit for penetrating chest injuries and exit wounds with a sterile 6″ x 8″ polyurethane rectangle coated with a thick super-adhesive hydrogel layer.
The pack comes with a gauze wipe for clearing bodily fluid from the injured area to ensure a complete seal around the wounds. The pack is sterile and comes with a five year shelf life.

Product Information

Item No. HVPIK
NSN: 6510-01-671-7202
Package Dimensions: 1″ x 4″ x 8″
Package Weight: 3.5 oz
Shelf Life: 5 years

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