JTF High Viscosity Teflon Weapon Lubricant- 15ml/.5oz Glass Dropper Bottle


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Our fully synthetic, high viscosity, Teflon infused weapon lubricant is pretty great. Let us tell you why.

Just like how we try to keep our parts and guns built as close to Army TDP as possible, we make every attempt to back our parts, products and services with facts and science on top of experience. In our travels and various experiences we kept an eye out for new weapon lubes and solvents for us to use and to try, we were inspired by Mike Mihalski of Sons of Liberty Gun Works (Another Awesome Texas Company) who looked to the oil and gas industry for their SPEC 76 lubricant. We started looking into other industries where a ton of money and research has been dumped into, the food industry. Sounds crazy, but let us explain.


So there were a few basic requirements that we kept in mind when looking for a grease or lubricant, namely:

  1. Low Odor or No Odor – cold or hot – Nothing like sucking in CLP vapors after a long range day.
  2. As non-toxic as possible – Reduced environmental impact and health concerns due to repeated exposure, not to mention accidental exposure to pets and loved ones.
  3. Shelf stable – Long term storage both as itself and applied to equipment.
  4. Salt and Fresh Waterproof – Pretty self explanatory.
  5. Made in the USA

Turns out many of these qualities were already found in lubricants used in high production food processing. Speaking with several people in the industry and trying a few different types in various rifles, carbines and pistols, one type kept coming up to the top. Here are the qualities it has:

  • Low Odor or No Odor
  • NSF registered Food Grade lubricant, rated H1 for incidental food contact. Meets former USDA (H1) guidelines.
  • Perfect for long term storage, components do not separate after long durations between use.
  • Waterproof against salt and fresh water – Salt Spray Test (100 hrs.)
  • Effective at temperatures between -45 and +450 degrees Fahrenheit  (-43°C to 232°C)
  • Fully synthetic oil with suspended PTFE particles
  • Made in the USA

And for those that really want to nerd out:

Color Translucent
Temperature range: -45°F to 450°F (-43°C to 232°C)
Viscosity: 15 @ cSt @ 100°C, 118 cSt @ 40°C
ISO Grade: 100
Replaces ISO Grades: 100 – 150
Replaced SAE Grade Gear Oils: 85W
Viscosity Index: 131
Specific Gravity: .84 @ 60°F
Pour Point: -20°F (-29°C) maximum
Lbs./Gallon: 7.4 @ 60°F
Water, PPM: 35 ppm
Tan: 0.04 maximum
4 Ball EP Test Scar Diameter: 0.47 mm
Salt Spray Test (100 hrs.): Pass
Dielectric Loss: 1.2 x 10¹²
Dielectric Resistivity: 1.7 x 10¹⁴

During testing we found that the high viscosity lubricant stays in place very well during operation and even penetrates into small areas when even applied on the exterior only. The PTFE or Teflon particles also stay on the parts even when the oil itself appears to have “dried”, when in fact, its still there, just as a thin film. This help reduce the amount of oil you need to use and helps prevent the collection of dust and debris on internals. It was also found to play well with other lubricants and greases making it a great addition to your range bag to save the day when a little help from lube is needed but that gun or operator may have initially used something else.


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