KNS Precision Bolt Catch Plunger



Whether replacing a lost or damaged part, upgrading your existing rifle, or simply wanting to start a new build with some of the nicer parts available, KNS Precision’s nitrided bolt catch plunger is just what you’re looking for. Precisely machined from high-strength steel matching MIL-SPEC dimensions for maximum compatibility, the bolt catch plunger is finished with a slick salt bath nitride treatment. The black nitride finish prevents corrosion and reduces friction for smooth and reliable function of your bolt catch.

Precision machined from high-strength steel
Slick salt bath nitride finish
Compatible with AR-15 or AR-10

KNS Precision Inc. is a Texas based machine shop manufacturing parts for the AR-15/M16 and AK47/74 platforms. Perhaps best known for their anti-rotational hammer/trigger pins, KNS Precision manufactures everything from iron gun sights to AR receiver pins to AK gas pistons.


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