Law Enforcement Services Carbine (LESC)


Is your agency looking to deploy patrol rifles or upgrade what you do have? JTF offers an custom tailored approach to fit your needs without paying the custom price tag. One of our armorers will speak directly with you and your officers and help you determine your perfect patrol rifle based on your:
– Needs
– Budget
– Unit Specific Mission Requirements

These carbines are built with your specific agency, officer or specialized unit in mind. Each individual carbine can have an agency or officer specific serial number and model. For example, a carbine made for Dallas Police Department officer, badge #9222 would read:

SER: DPD-009222

Department insignias, badges, patches and more can be added to the lower receiver as well to make a true department specific patrol rifle. Agency carbines with customized serial numbers or model designations currently have a 10 gun minimum order. Orders less than 10, including individual officers, can still be engraved with badges or insignia but will be on a standard lower receiver.

Each LESC is hand crafted and assembled in Central Texas by current and former Law Enforcement Officers and Military Veterans with painstaking effort put into performance and quality. The LESC is backed by a no BS lifetime warranty, 24 hour customer support, training support and unlimited modifications for the life of the weapon system. Contact us today for a quote and see how we can make a difference for you. This program is also open to individual officers with proof of service.


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