Magpul MOE AR15 Lower Build Kit Enhanced + Sprinco Spring




New for 2023 is our upgraded buffer tube assembly’s that is part of our new premium series. The premium series will offer a vast number of JTF components that have been made with the performance AR builder in mind. Not only does the premium series offer extremely high quality products, but it also offers very competitive pricing. These are manufactured for heavy duty use in mind using Sprinco Springs.

Mil Spec Buffer Tube Features:

  • 7075 aluminum
  • Hard Anodized Type III Matte Black finish (Greystone)
  • 6-Positions
  • Weight: 3.7 OZ
  • Fits: AR-15 or LR308 Buffer Tube

Lower Build Kit Includes:

  • M4 Standard Power Carbine Buffer Tube Assembly (3oz buffer with sprinco white)
  • AR15 Enhanced M4 Lower Parts Kit (LPK) (Nitride components, Billet trigger guard, Basketweave billet mag release and MOE grip)
  • Magpul MOE Carbine Stock

Sprinco WHITE AR15 Standard “Regular” Power Spring:

Equivalent spring power of a “fresh” AR15/M4 carbine action spring, this spring is for users who do not want to dabble with improving performance with extra power springs, but do not want to frequently replace their action springs as well.

Standard AR15/M4 buffer springs (aka “action springs”) are wear items which must be replaced regularly in order for AR-15s to operate reliably, with conservative replacement taking place every 5000 rounds. Sprinco action springs in comparison, are over engineered and will last over 50,000 cycles.

Sprinco Chrome Silicon buffer springs are heat treated, stress relieved, and dual-stage shot peened in separate post winding treatments.  Sprinco also treats each spring with a proprietary, deep-penetrating, re-micronized (to .3 Micron particle size), inhibited, Molybdenum-Disulfide (MoS2) formulation to eliminate 90% of all mechanical wear on the spring:  this is why Sprinco springs do not produce the spring sound during shooting which is common with standard action springs.


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