Magpul PMAG AR/M4 M3, 223/556NATO 10 Rounds – Black



Product Description

Magpul’s PMAG 10/30 was designed for users who reside in areas with magazine capacity restrictions but desire a standard 30-round magazine form. The PMAG 10/30 provides the same next-gen impact and crush resistance, constant curve geometry, and long-life stainless-steel spring to ensure smooth feeding. They’ve added a proprietary lock plate that reduces the maximum capacity to 10 rounds, and it’s permanently secured by an aluminum rivet. A lock plate tab that’s clearly marked for capacity is also included.


Magpul Industries, PMAG, .223 Remington/556NATO, Designed For Users Who Reside in Areas With Magazine Capacity Restrictions But Desire a Standard 30-round Magazine Form, 10 Rounds, Fits AR Rifles, Black

  • Ten round capacity PMAG in a 30-Round Magazine body
  • Proprietary lock plate reduces maximum capacity to 10-rounds while maintaining a standard 30-round size
  • Aluminum rivet permanently secures the lock plate with the lock plate tab being clearly marked for capacity
  • Next-generation impact and crush-resistant polymer construction
  • Constant-curve geometry and a long-life stainless-steel spring ensure smooth feeding.



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