Midwest Industries CRS 45 Degree Offset Sight Set


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The Midwest Industries Combat Rifle offset sight set brings modern advancements to their line of BUIS. The 45° offset angle is designed for use when you have a large optic attached to your rifle. When switching from long range to short range engagements, all you need to do is cant your rifle and you have quick access to your iron sights. This pair of folding sights are machined from 6061 aluminum and finished with a durable black coating to protect them from wear and weather. They feature a low-profile and snag-free design, so you only notice them when you need them. With a durable detent to secure them in the upright or down position, they are sturdy enough to withstand recoil but are designed to fold when impacted to prevent breakage. The rear sight is windage adjustable and features an aperture for precise aiming. The front sight post can be adjusted for elevation with the included tool. Install the Midwest Industries Combat Rifle 45° Sights set on your rifle and head to the range to get sighted in.


  • 45° offset angle
  • Machined from 6061 Aluminum
  • Foldable and low-profile
  • Securely mounts to picatinny rails
  • .5 MOA Windage and 1.5 MOA elevation adjustments
  • Includes front sight tool
  • Durable detent that secures them in the upright or down position

Midwest Industries is a quality manufacturer of tactical weapons accessories. They produce handguards, rails, and iron sights for many of the most popular weapon platforms like the AR-15, .308, Sig MCX, AK-47, and many more. Their goal is to manufacture the highest quality parts at affordable prices backed by a lifetime guarantee.


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