Nickel Teflon Detent and Cam Pin Kit (NP3)


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Nickel Teflon Detent and Cam Pin Kit

This kit helps you improve the feel and reliability of your safety selector, takedowns, and bolt catch. Highly corrosion resistant and good lubricity make these our go to when building our Law Enforcement Services Carbine or premium kits and firearms.

Kit Includes:

1- Cam Pin

1- Selector Detent

1- Bolt Catch Plunger

2- Takedown/Pivot Pin Detent

All Products Finished in Nickel Teflon:

Nickel Teflon or NP3 provides exceptional lubricity and corrosion resistance while maintaining a low coefficient of friction. The PTFE is evenly distributed throughout the co-deposit electroless nickel and Teflon layer of plating. If you’re looking for just an NP3 or Nickel Teflon cam pin, check it out here.

Low coefficient of friction
Corrosion resistance
Made in the USA

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