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This is the BPNVG, or Bootleg Panoramic Night Vision. This unit uses digital night vision technology instead of image intensifier tubes to help bring down costs. That being said These do perform very well, especially for the price.

The housing is made from industrial grade and printed 3D Carbon Fiber Nylon to handle rough use and conditions. Screw hardware is 304 stainless steel with an option to upgrade to titanium hardware in the works as well. This system uses 4 specialized, dedicated night vision cameras for enhanced field of view mounted in 2 separate housings for the right and left eye. Each housing has it’s own power controls and can be used independently to conserve battery power if needed, as well as a sensor option upgrade to deactivate the units when flipped up.

The mount will be compatible with Mil-Spec J-Arms partnered with rhino mounts as well as others, custom and other mounting options will be available after official release. The battery pack can be mounted to the rear of the helmet or a jumper cable can be used to mount it or a larger battery pack elsewhere on your kit. Unit can also be ran on compatible USB power banks with the correct adapter.


  • Carbon Fiber Nylon Body
  • Lab grade focusing lenses
  • Estimated 1.9 hours of use with 2600 MaH Battery or 7.5 hours of use with 10,000 MaH battery if using all 4 cameras.
  • Water and weather resistant


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