Secured Low Ride Holster (SLRH) Mount



The secured, low ride, duty holster mount by JTF Consulting was designed with input from Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian shooters to create a solid platform for your sidearm. With it’s low ride position it clears most vests and other equipment, allowing easier and faster draws and effortless holstering. The mount also accepts Safariland and Blackhawk! patterned holsters and can even come equipped with a Safariland QLS plate and holster attachment (Blackhawk holsters are not compatible with the Safariland QLS). The mount is adjustable for belt size, all the way from a 1 inch to a 2 inch belt using the included spacers. For the leg strap, you can choose one of our leg straps or supply your own! Our straps feature construction from Mil-Spec materials and are hand sewn in the USA. From the Milspec nylon webbing, to the G hooks or YKK buckles and triglides, the straps are built for a lifetime of use and abuse. Available in several colors including: Navy Blue, Black, Grey Wolf, Ranger Green, Coyote Tan, Multicam and more. You can even request custom patterns and colors (Some colors/Patterns may be extra).


Here is what’s included in the Kit:

  • Low Ride Mount
  • Unconditional Gun Fighter Warranty

Optionally you can add:

  • A 1 Inch leg strap – color of your choosing
  • A Safariland QLS Plate and Fork Kit

The Gunfighter warranty means if your JTF equipment becomes damaged or destroyed while you are:

  • Training
  • Fighting
  • Competing
  • Experiencing a Catastrophic Loss

It’s fully covered for repair, replacement or compensation. So feel free to rock on, and seize the day.

All parts Made and Assembled in the USA.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 13 × 4 in


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