Special Purpose Rifle URG – 18 Inch Barrel


Let us build you an SPR upper receiver to fit your needs and your budget.


Special purpose rifles (SPR) have been in use by military and law enforcement since the design and implementation of the MK12 in 2002. Centered around accuracy, performance and reliability, SPRs are a great choice for hunting, target shooting or any role requiring accurate fire at a distance.

This assembled upper is based around an Aero Precision M4E1 upper, which tends to be more rigid than a standard mil-spec upper. This helps support the heavier barrel and minimizes any flex during firing and features a hand lapped fit to the barrel. The options for barrels includes options from Ballistic Advantage among others and offer exceptional accuracy using match grade ammunition. The upper parts kit is our mil-spec UPK with a forward assist, ejection port cover and coiled roll pins.

The handguard shown in the example photograph is the Geissele MK18 16 inch handguard which is compatible with Swiss/Arca tripods and other accessories using the same interface. It also accepts M-Lok accessories and is one of the most rigid, stable handguards we have ever tested. Of course other handguard options are also available for those wanting a different rail or budget minded option.

Gas blocks are low profile and options exist for both standard and adjustable styles. Barrels will be dimpled for the set screws and will be mounted using Rocksett. The rifle length gas tube options include standard stainless or enhanced nitrided stainless steel tubes. Gas tubes are then attached via coiled roll pins for a sealed fit.

Muzzle devices range from a bare threaded barrel for a direct thread suppressor or A2 flash hider to enhanced muzzle devicees like the Surefire Warcomp and SOLGW NOX.

Bolt carrier groups and charging handles are optional but if chosen, bolts will be headspaced to the barrel prior to shipping. Test fire will also be performed using the selected components, if chosen.


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