Superlative Arms Bleed Off Adjustable Gas Block Clamp On .750″




The Superlative Arms Adjustable Gas Block is designed to give you a near endless amount of adjustments for tuning your rifle to be low-recoil and reliable. However, unlike conventional adjustable gas blocks, it does not restrict gas flow but redirects it out of the block, so only the exact amount of gas required to work the bolt is used. This bleed off style offers many improvements like a cleaner and cooler running rifle as well as better functionality in SBRs and suppressed rifles. Because of the bleed off port, the excess pressure cause by suppressors and short barrels is exhausted forward reducing the amount of gas blow back to the face. The Superlative Arms .750 adjustable gas block uses the clamp on attachment method on barrels with the same diameter gas block journal. If you plan on shooting suppressed, building an SBR, or just want a better shooting rifle, this is the gas block for you.
.750” inside diameter
Clamp on attachment method
Machined from 416 stainless steel with matte finish
Runs cleaner and cooler
Bleeds off excess gas to required pressure to run the bolt
Adjustment detent is located outside of block to prevent erosion and carbon seizing
Adjustment screw is removable but has a mechanism to prevent accidentally taking it out
Prevents gas blow back on suppressed rifles and SBRs
30 adjustments
Includes set screws, gas tube roll pin, hex key for screw adjustment
Low profile 1.426” height fits under most handguards


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