Synthetic Weapon Grease With Teflon – 1oz


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This grease formula quickly became one of our favorites for lubrication during assembly and maintenance on rifles and pistols. It’s long lasting, odor free and incredibly durable in multiple conditions, hence the MULTI-CLIMATE on the label.

The Specs:
Retains function at -45F and up to +450F

Patented synthetic NLGI grade 2 heavy-duty, multipurpose lubricant will not degrade overtime like MS33 Aeroshell

Resistance yo wear, corrosive processes, dirt, dust, saltwater, fresh water and more
Dielectric, Food Grade, Clean and odor free
NSF Rating H-1, safe for incidental food contact making it safer to handle and be exposed to
Will not drip, run or evaporate
Impervious to salt water, safe in potable water
Made in the USA 🇺🇸

Perfect for barrel nuts and other threads, as well as applying in hard to maintain areas like the forward assist during installation and the safety selector detent.


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