Policies And Procedures

Mission Statement:

It is the foremost and primary goal of JTF Consulting LLC and its employees (henceforth the Company) to train and equip US citizens with the skills and equipment needed to defend and protect life and the sanctity of freedom. Through services, products and support the Company swears and affirms its resolve to protect the American way of life and to ensure the liberty of man and woman alike. The secondary goal of the Company is to provide those same services and products at a price obtainable by the common person in order to promote education, proliferation and normalization of those same ideas and concepts. To that effect:

  1. The Company SHALL provide quality parts and services that impart a benefit to the end user and their mission.
  2. The Company SHALL provide a level of customer care to the end user and partner that exceeds expectation and is unparalleled in the community.
  3. The Company SHALL take a vested interest in its customers, clients and partners to better promote a good relationship both in the local community and in the business community.

Company Expectations

The company has several expectations of its employees to help achieve the Mission. Some of those expectations are:

  1. Every employee works in customer service. All levels of employees will answer customers if needed and assist if appropriate.
  2. Every employee will strive to be a professional and if possible, expert in their assigned duties.
  3. Every employee will pass a yearly state recognized weapons qualification for the pistol, rifle and shotgun.

Employee Rights

As an employee of JTF Consulting, you have several rights afforded to you.

-Equal Opportunity

JTF Consulting LLC is an equal opportunity employer. The company SHALL NOT discriminate against any employee during hiring, employment or disciplinary action based on their:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexual Preferance
  • Nationality
  • Primary Language
  • Physical or Mental status or disability

Sexual Harrassment 

Unwanted sexual harrassment and innapropriate behavior will not be tolerated. If an employee, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or anything else, voices a concern, complaint or clear indication of discomfort with the conduct occurring, the senior employee SHALL intervene and cease conduct. If the offensive conduct is being carried out by a senior or any other employee, any person, whether employed by JTF Consulting LLC or not, has the right to file a complaint or intervene if necessary.

  • To this effect, no employee, contractor or good samaritan who intervenes or files a complaint, whether on their or another’s behalf, shall face ANY kind of disciplinary action. Such actions may however receive recognition and reward, both privately and if appropriate, publicly.

-Safe Work Environment

JTF Consulting LLC recognizes that the very nature of our work comes with a certain level of risk. For that reason the Company will take every possible measure to ensure a safe working environment for its employees, customers and other involved parties. To that effect:

  • Every employee is a safety officer and has the right to stop work, training or actions if a possible safety risk is detected or observed.
  • Every employee has the right, and is encouraged,  to report these issues and incidents to a superior or managing member.
  • No employee will be asked to perform an action or task that a supervisor or owner would not feel comfortable doing themselves. Employees placed in a situation where they feel unsafe should ask for a superior to demonstrate a safer method or to replace them.
  • Every employee SHALL be trained in basic first aid and if possible CPR certified. 
  • Employees SHALL also be trained in the deployment and use of tourniquets and hemorrhage control techniques and devices to aid in the preservation of life.

Please contact your manager, supervisor or senior employee to learn of possible hazards or workspace specific safety concerns.

-Political Views

Employees are encouraged to take part in the democratic process and exercise their rights. Employees are allowed to leave early or arrive late on days where the employee votes in official elections. With this in mind, employees are asked to be respectful of the workplace and of customers and clients when in public.

Equal Pay, Incentives and Other Bonuses

-Equal and Fair Pay

JTF Consulting LLC believes in fair pay for its employees. The Company shall strive to appropriately compensate its employees for the effort and time they give to the company. To that effect, several measures will be implemented in the company to achieve this goal.

  1. Wages will be openly discussed during the hiring process and will be based on several factors including:
  • Skill level and/or skill set
  • Expertise and/or licensing
  • Relative experience at hired position
  • State average for similar positions
  • Time with the company
  • Performance evaluations


Evaluations will be performed on employees as well as managers and owners to provide feedback on areas of improvement and areas of exceptional performance, they are not to be considered disciplinary actions. The evaluations will be performed by managers or any senior employee assigned to the task. Evaluations will review and report several topics on the employee including:

  • Overall Performance
  • Attendance
  • Any shortcomings or areas of improvement
  • Any unaddressed needs of the employee
  • Overall satisfaction of the employee

 Evaluations will occur as such:

  • 30 days after new hire
  • Every year prior to Christmas to determine possible year end bonuses.
  • 90 days after a negative evaluation to determine if changes are effective.
  1. No employee, Owner, partner or other managing member shall earn more than 4x the gross annual wages of the lowest paid full time employee. 
  • This does not include expenses, bonuses and/or compensation for contract workers.
  • Owners and managing members can not award bonuses for themselves or other employees of the same level.
  1. In times of financial hardship for the Company, the wages of higher ranking employees such as owners and managing members will be the first to be affected if the need arises.
  2. Raises will be determined yearly during evaluations and determined by senior staff for general employees. The raises of owners and managing members will be voted on by the general employees during the same evaluations.

Bonuses and Incentives:

JTF Consulting believes that incentive helps drive the motivation and success of its employees, and in turn the success of the company as a whole. To help drive that effort and show proper appreciation, the Company offers various incentives and bonuses.

  1. Year End Bonuses – The Company will make every attempt to provide its employees with a year end bonus based on performance evaluations and overall company performance. These bonuses may come in the form of money, products, time off, or other forms of compensation as deemed fit by senior employees.
  2. Percentage of sales – Any employee(s) that produce, provide, secure or otherwise furnish a product, contract, service or idea that is fielded by the Company shall receive a percentage of the revenue generated by that item/service/contract. Percentage to be determined during negotiations with the employee(s) and paid out upon customer payment. Employees who secure contracts will then also become the point of contact for that contract if capable. Payouts will be distributed as such:
    1. 1 time payment for a sale
    2. Weekly payments for a special service
    3. Monthly payment for a product or contract
    4. Yearly for large contacts or renewals
  3. Training will be available to all employees. Education is paramount to success and the Company recognizes that the success of the employees, results in success of the mission and in turn the Company. Other than the mandatory training, other training may also be available:
    1. Tactical firearms training and certification
    2. Texas Peace Officer Certification
    3. Emergency Medical Technician Certification
    4. Tactical and Field Medical Training
    5. Advanced armorer’s courses and certification
    6. Ham radio operator and general radio operator training and certification
    7. FAA Drone operator certification
    8. Texas Private Security Bureau certification 

In addition to this training, the Company shall also make comprehensive efforts to allow employees to attend institutes of higher education while remaining in the employ of JTF Consulting LLC. 

Holidays and Time Off

The Company recognizes the importance of time off to allow the employee to relax, recharge and spend time with loved ones away from work. To help achieve a better work/life balance, the Company has implemented the following measures.


The Company recognizes the following days as paid holidays:

  1. New Years (Jan 1)
  2. President’s Day
  3. Texas Independence Day (Mar 2)
  4. Good Friday
  5. Memorial Day
  6. Juneteenth
  7. US Independence Day (Jul 4)
  8. Labor Day
  9. Halloween (Observed)
  10. Veterans Day
  11. Eugene Stoner’s B-Day (Nov 22)
  12. Thanksgiving Day (And Observed if applicable)
  13. Christmas Eve and Day
  14. New Years Eve

Employees are also awarded their birthday off after 1 year of employment. This can be taken on the day itself, or substituted for another date.

Time Off

In addition to holidays, employees will also receive paid time off. Duration is determined by time with the company and in part, evaluations. Durations as follows:

  • Less than 1 year of service – 3 days
  • 1 to 3 years – 7 days
  • 3 to 5 years – 12 days
  • 5 to 8 years – 16 days 
  • 8 to 15 years – 21 days
  • 15 plus years – 28 days

This time does roll over for a period of two (2) years from the date or anniversary of hire, after which it must be taken or paid out. Time off must be submitted at a reasonable date prior to the date requested to help facilitate any changes that must be made. Requests should be submitted to the employee’s direct supervisor.

Bereavement Time

Employees also receive bereavement time for the loss of loved ones. This time is for the mourning of loved ones lost in direct relation to the employee. This includes parents, children, spouses and siblings. The company recognizes that not everyone was raised by a parent and such circumstances will be handled on a case by case basis. The company also realizes that the bonds forged through blood and service can also be considered family and will be determined on a case by case basis. Time allotted for the unfortunate events is 3 days, though more unpaid time can be taken or vacation time used if needed.

Sick Time

Employees will earn 6 hours of sick time per month, with the option of adding to a sick time pool for use by contributing employees. Unpaid time will be available as needed.

Mental Health Time

The Company recognizes that the mental health of its employees is just as important as their physical health. To this effect the Company provides for up to 3 days of mental health time off in the event an employee requests it for themselves or for a direct family member or romantic partner.

Healthcare Benefits

Currently the company does not generate enough revenue to support medical coverage for its employees. At such time that it does, a committee consisting of at least 1 managing member,1 senior employee and 1 entry/general level employee will research and determine the resources required for 100% medical coverage.

Employee Code of Conduct

JTF Consulting LLC promotes a professional, yet relaxed work environment. Regardless, employees are expected to maintain a friendly and professional demeanor when dealing with customers, clients and the public at large. The following rules are situation dependent and interpretation and implementation fall to the senior employee on site.

  1. No employee shall release or otherwise disclose customer or company information to ANYONE under any circumstance, barring a court order, and even then only what is listed in said order. Examples include:
    • Company finances or project information
    • Customer addresses, phone numbers, payment information or purchase information or anything considered identification.
    • Employee information including contact info, personal information, addresses or demographic information (Things like business cards are exempt).
  2. No employee shall treat a customer, client or partner with disrespect, hostility or any other manner considered to be unprofessional. Employees are expected to treat all people as equals and with the same level of respect as they would expect themselves. Exceptions to this rule may include:
    • Using language as a use of force or de-escalation method in a stressful or high risk situation. Examples: Verbally aggressive and non-compliant customer, defense of another person, defense of company employees and premises, defense of the US Constitution.
    • It is understood at the Company that at Military Veteran events and other similar functions that harsh or offensive language may be commonplace and used. Employees will exercise personal judgment and discretion when engaging in such events and functions while operating on behalf of the Company.
  3. Employees of JTF Consulting LLC SHALL take actions and measures to ensure the protection of innocent life by any means available to them until more appropriate personnel are available. Actions and measures include:
    • Emergency medical aid to prevent loss of life – including first aid, CPR, bleeding control, shock prevention measures and more (See current TCCC/TECC standards.
    • Using appropriate force to ensure the safety of customers, clients, employees and the public at large from assault, injury and death. In extreme and exigent circumstances, employees are authorized to use company equipment to apply the appropriate level of force to ensure public safety, leading up to lethal force. Examples include:
      1. Active shooter/attacker events
      2. Robberies and home invasions
      3. Terrorist attacks
      4. Domestic violence
      5. Invasions by foreign governments and/or entities
    • Employees SHALL also assist law enforcement and other authorities during and after any emergency response. Examples include:
      1. Providing witness statements and information
      2. Providing material and manpower support if necessary and requested
      3. Providing food and refreshments if accepted (Company funds are authorized)
      4. Following lawful commands of recognized authorities in emergency situations

Dress Code

Employees are requested to dress in attire appropriate for the task assigned. If safety requires it, some articles of clothing may be restricted or otherwise not allowed. To that same effect, some items may be required for safe operation or observation. Defer to your senior employee for guidance depending on your area of operations.

Social Media

The company recognizes the pervasive and necessary evil that is social media. The company also recognizes the right of employees to have a personal life both outside of work and in the digital world. To this effect the company set boundaries in place, those being:

  • No recording or capture of any kind will be allowed in restricted or sensitive areas without prior knowledge and authorization. These restrictions apply regardless of business hours or location. Definition of restricted and/or sensitive areas include:
    • Weapon manufacturing, assembly, storage and testing areas.
    • Restrooms of any gender.
    • Private offices or temporary offices
    • Any room, area, or place otherwise deemed as such by a senior employee or managing member with prior and acknowledged notification
  • Time spent on and media uploaded or downloaded to social media should not affect the employee’s performance, attendance or function at the company. This applies to business hours, functions and events.


Violation of this policy will be handled by the employee’s direct supervisor or employee assigned to the task. Employees whose work is found to be adversely affected by social media will be counseled on the issue and no other action will be taken. Further issues will prompt more corrective action such as:

  • Limiting use to breaks and in designated areas
  • Restricting the allowance of devices on company property
  • Restriction of pay or bonuses and/or other benefits
  • Termination

Violation of the policy in sensitive or restricted areas may carry heavier initial penalties and will be handled on a case by case basis. 


Employees are NOT allowed to make political statements, endorsements or participate in political events on behalf of the company unless pre-authorized. We are a gun company, not a political prop piece to be used.

Disciplinary Action and Enforcement

The Company recognizes the need for the rules listed above and also the need to enforce them. Most corrective action and discipline will be handled by the employee’s immediate supervisor, more severe infractions and problems will be handled by senior employees and managing members. Corrective measures and actions at this level will be determined by 2 or more senior employees or managing members, never 1. This is to help prevent personal biases from influencing judgment while a punishment or action is being determined.

Punishments and corrective action may include:

  1. A formal reprimand in the employee’s file
  2. Loss of certain work privileges (trips, training, company vehicle)
  3. Loss or reduction in position or status
  4. Loss or reduction of bonuses or incentive pay
  5. Termination or suspension
  6. Pursuit of criminal charges if applicable

Employee Complaints

An employee has the right to file a complaint or grievance with the Company. This can be done in person, electronically and even anonymously to the employee’s direct supervisor. If that employee has a problem with a specific supervisor, it can be brought to the senior employee over that supervisor.

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