Sprinco M4 / AR-15 Yellow Reduced Power Carbine Buffer Spring


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Sprinco AR-15 carbine buffer springs are made from high quality Chrome Silicon wire stock which is used in a variety of applications from Formula One to motor valve springs which can see up to 15,000,000 compression cycles in a single race. This makes it the perfect choice for a carbine which will see far less cycles than that over it’s lifetime. In order for this carbine buffer spring to retain its strength, Sprinco heat treats, shot peens, and treats each spring with a proprietary formula that retains spring efficiency for as long as you have your rifle. The Sprinco reduced power carbine buffer spring is a great option to improve the long-term reliability of your AR-15.


  • For carbine length buffer tubes
  • Color coded yellow
  • Reduced power
  • Made from chrome silicon wire stock
  • Heat treated and shot peened

This recoil spring is color coded yellow indicating that it is optimal for use with 5.56 AR-15s with a carbine buffer tube and a lightweight bolt carrier group. If you are building a competition gun where you want an extremely fast cycle rate and bolt bounce isn’t as much of a concern, then this reduced power recoil spring might be the one for your setup. The yellow indicator mark also helps you to easily identify which power spring you have in your AR-15 if you have a habit of changing your setup constantly.


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